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Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this musical journey. Get your tickets for “Jambalaya” now, and let the melodies carry you away!

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Experience the rhythmic fusion of soulful melodies and improvisational artistry at our captivating monthly event, “Jambalaya.” Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of jazz as it comes to life through enchanting performances, electrifying solos, and a dynamic ensemble of seasoned musicians.

Whether you’re a dedicated jazz aficionado or just looking for a night of musical delight, “Jambalaya” welcomes all to revel in the spirit of spontaneity and creative expression that defines jazz. Our carefully curated lineup promises captivating performances that will have you tapping your feet and swaying to the irresistible beats.

Join us each month as we celebrate the rich heritage of jazz and its ever-evolving influence on the world of music. Bring your friends, sip on delightful concoctions, and let the music weave its spell at “Jambalaya.”


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August 28, 2023 The Goods present the Music of Stuff, September 25, 2023 MOJO presents Jazz Al Fresco for the 2023 Jazzalea Award, October 23, 2023 MOJO presents the Roman Street Quartet, November 27, 2023 MOJO presents organist Red Young, December 18, 2023 MOJO presents vocalist Doug Breau, January 22, 2024 MOJO presents Third Stream, February 26, 2024 MOJO presents Cedric Brooks, March 25, 2024 MOJO presents Andrew Ayers and Friends, April 22, 2024 MOJO presents Rebecca Barry and Friends, May 27, 2024 MOJO presents Zicky Hart, June 24, 2024 MOJO presents Symone French & The Trouille Troupe, July 22, 2024 MOJO presents Jazz Interpretations of Lennon/McCartney

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