The Plan

Kevin Lee

Founded on September 10, 2001, the Mystic Order of The Jazz Obsessed was conceived by Kevin Lee, a self-confessed, serious jazz fan. He hatched a plan that would bring like-minded individual together to share his passion for America's music - JAZZ. Lee came up  with the name, made a poster with a picture of Miles and a stylized sax on it, set the date and location, got some ink and airtime, invited some friends and jazz fans and the rest was history in the city that calls herself "The Mother of the Mystics". He opened the meeting with a bang of a large spoon on a metal bowl and this pronouncement: "Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm a jazzaholic." The crowd of 30-40 responded in unison, "Hi, Kevin." From that point, the evening became an outpouring of ideas to get the magic of MOJO working. It's been workin' ever since, all because Lee had a plan.

The Mission

2011 Greater Mobile Arts Award

The Mystic Order of the Jazz Obsessed (MOJO) is dedicated to the preservation, performance, and vigorous promotion of Americas original music - JAZZ. MOJO recognizes that JAZZ has been and continues to be an active force that promotes acceptance and equality among all people and is dedicated to supporting that commitment. The organization seeks to assure continuity of this music by supporting educational programs for youth and adults; by providing performance opportunities for JAZZ musicians by producing concerts and joint ventures with allied cultural organizations; by improving the cultural and economic status of JAZZ as a regional cultural treasure; by establishment of liaisons with the musicians, media, area schools, government agencies, bookers/agents/club owners, and record producers/sellers; and by development of a mutual support network among local JAZZ societies, JAZZ educators, JAZZ musicians, JAZZ clubs/theaters, JAZZ foundations/endowments, JAZZ vendors, and, of course, JAZZ fans.

The Media

2011 Greater Mobile Arts Award

Ryan Vazquez, News Host/Reporter for Alabama Public Radio, recaps his visit to MOJO in Mobile. Aired on October 17, 2013 (courtesy of APR).

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